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Sip & Shot us

We produce a variety of ​BEAUTIFUL, and entirely ​EDIBLE glasses perfect for large scale such as bars and restaurants.​ Also great for weddings, corporate events, tailgating, and gifts.



Sip & Shot was originally started as a therapeutic outlet when I felt overwhelmed and pulled in several directions. Matching colors and patterns to whatever mood I was in based on my day, my challenges and the interactions I had helped cultivate this small, glass- like creation that I could eat. I began unleashing life's experiences into edible glasses. With this, the first Collection was born.

Q. How long will my Sip Shot last?

A. 4 hours and up if you don't eat it. It will also last longer if liquids don't just sit. Drink up!

Q. How to receive free shipping

A. All orders over $100 or more includes FREE Shipping. 

Q. How long does it take to receive our Sip Shots?

A. It takes 5-7 business days to receive. We also notify you when Sip Shots are complete and on way.

Q. How much is sales tax?

A. 5.75%

Q. How do I store my Sip Shot?

A. refrigerate.

Q. Can I order color combinations

A. Absolutely! There is upgrade fee per glass. Please fill out quote form to the right.  

Q. Out of Country shipping

A. May be subject to shipping costs.