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Sip and Shot Us

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A Combination of Handmade Specialty Chocolates and Hard Candies


Sip and Shot Us LLC was originally started as a therapeutic outlet when I felt overwhelmed and pulled in several directions. Matching colors and patterns based on my mood. A way of unleashing life's experiences whether good or bad into edible shot glasses and Ice cubes.

Our recipes and processes are a closely guarded trade-secret. The artisans create and perfect each ingredient, temperature and process to bring you unique flavors unlike anything else you have ever experienced. Use our gourmet glasses to showcase your favorite cocktail, espresso shot, tea, fruit, ice cream, mousse or any beverage or food item you can imagine! 


Our Sip and Shot Us gourmet glasses are a true work of art. Each glass is hand-crafted and made using the finest ingredients. Our artisans spend hours creating these beautifully designed glasses that will enhance the flavor of any beverage, dessert or food item.

There are different levels of satisfaction when making a Sip and Shot Us glasses. By far seeing the vision of taste and appearance come to fruition and a very close second is actually seeing others truly enjoy. Icing on the cake, most think they are candles which is a compliment that only fueled making more collections such as the Chocolate Lovers, Bourbon Affair, the Wedding Collections and more.

Belief of Friends

So, with the belief of friends and a little push the Sip and Shot Us edible experience was born.

 Made from my secret recipes, these sweet and savory, with a twist, edible glasses are as unique as you are. Use it to showcase your favorite cocktail in sip or shot form– 

FYI-also perfect with fruit, ice cream, mousse, cheesecake or, a mudslide for the kids!